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Carpet Cleaning Mindarie – Cleaning Techniques Like Never Before

    When was the last time you got your carpets cleaned by a professional? If you don’t remember, now is the time to refresh your flooring. 7-Eleven Carpet Cleaning is happy to help you. We are a leading cleaning company specializing in professional carpet cleaning. Our dedication and goal-oriented mindset have helped us provide top-notch results. Our technicians are certified and licensed for carpet cleaning in Mindarie and other parts of Perth. We ensure your safety, put your needs first, and offer the best carpet cleaning services ever. Trust us with your dirty flooring and we will do everything to make it fresh and new-looking. Contact us now to learn more! Remember, we are just a phone call away. So, don’t delay, procrastinate, or ignore those stains; your carpet needs us. Get an over-the-phone estimate on your first call.

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    How Often to Clean Your Carpet?

    You might be vacuuming your flooring every week or removing stains immediately, but how often do you hire professional carpet cleaning experts for a deep clean? Let’s learn about that!
    carpet cleaning logo

    Type of your carpet

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    Usual traffic or use

    carpet cleaning logo

    Placement of carpet

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    The presence of pets and kids (The mess maker of the house)

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    Fabric type

    carpet cleaning

    Significance of Regular Carpet Cleaning

    Depending on these factors, you should schedule carpet cleaning services every 12 to 18 months for deep cleaning techniques, such as hot water extraction, steam cleaning, sanitization, deodorization, and more.
    So, first thing first! Trace your memory back to your last carpet cleaning session by professionals and count the months. You should schedule a service now if it’s more than a year.

    Treatments Engineered For Tough Stains

    Are you tired of looking at those tough stains on your old carpet? Don’t lose hope, we can still fix it! We have invented many techniques to tackle stubborn carpet stains. Our carpet cleaners in Perth understand your flooring type, study the material offer the most suitable solution, and make your carpet spotless like a new one. We have advanced tools, machines, and safe solutions to remove any stain on your precious carpet. All you have to do is, call us now and explain to us the situation you are in. No matter how old or stingy the stain is, we have got your back in this case. After removing the stains, we help you with prevention tips, a reliable fabric protector, and similar techniques. We do our best to offer you a hassle-free stain removal service. So, connect with us now and talk to the experts!

    Get Your Carpets Cleaned By IICRC Certified Local Technicians

    IICRC is a renowned institution that offers 26 different certifications to skilled and approved cleaners, and we are one of them. All our carpet cleaners in Perth are licensed, certified, well-trained, and experienced. Their cleaning techniques are unmatched. You will never find a team as friendly yet highly knowledgeable as ours. Do you want to give it a try? Call our experts today and enquire about carpet cleaning services.

    Here are the types of stains we can remove:

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    Carpet mold patches

    process logo

    Urine stains

    process logo

    Wine stains

    process logo

    Blood stains

    process logo

    Vomit stains

    process logo

    Water damage stains

    process logo

    Coffee stains

    process logo

    Ink stains

    process logo

    Pet stains

    process logo

    Gum stains

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    Grease stains and more

    You name the stain, and we will remove it with our advanced techniques and machines. Our technicians inspect your carpet, find the root cause for the stains, and offer a protective layer and prevention tips. We believe in going the extra mile to satisfy our clients and that’s what makes us the number one carpet cleaning company in Perth Note: We don’t let a machine or a remote operator attend your call. An in-house representative will receive your call and hand it over to the carpet cleaners (Perth) if you want to speak to them directly.

    Add An Extra Layer of Protection to Your Carpet

    How many times will you be concerned about those stains? How will you prevent them with kids and pets around? Movie nights, babysitting, breakfast in bedrooms, and similar situations are invitations to carpet stains, but these are the moments that make life more magical. So, don’t compromise on spending your time near the carpet. Instead, use our carpet stain protector that prevents stain particles from penetrating your flooring. With an extra layer of protection, you will not have to panic every time you accidentally spill something on the carpet. Just wipe it out, and that will be it! Also, don’t forget to tell us about those stains during our deep cleaning sessions. That way, we will ensure the removal of all dust and debris, if any. Connect with us for the best fabric protector and carpet cleaning in Mindarie

    Mindarie’s Number 1 Carpet Cleaners

    Mindarie is a tiny suburb in west Australia. You live there so you already know how dreamy and peaceful the town is. However, carpet stains, mold patches, or allergens may restrict you from enjoying the relaxed city-edge lifestyle. But we are here to take all of your worries away! You can walk around Lake Monger, enjoy a relaxed evening reading your favorite novel, or spend time with the kids. Meanwhile, we will remove those stains and make your carpet look brand new. How’s the idea? You don’t have to spend a minute more worrying about the carpet’s cleanliness. Call us, and we will ensure a hassle-free procedure by sending the best carpet steam cleaners to your doorsteps.

    Got Traffic Lines on Your Carpet? We Can Remove Them

    Capet traffic lines are irritating and unavoidable. You can’t ask people to walk less in those areas or can’t relocate the carpet. The one way around is to hire the best carpet steam cleaners like us and remove those traffic marks on your beautiful hallway flooring. The traffic marks are tricky to deal with. No DIY or home remedy can work on them. Plus, it’s next to impossible to ignore them. Here is the best way to deal with them – call us, show us the traffic lines, and we will offer the most suitable and efficient carpet cleaning solution!
    Note: If you forget our name after reading this article/ page, you can always find us by searching for carpet cleaning near me or the best carpet steam cleaners in Mindarie.

    One-Stop Solution for All Your Carpet Cleaning Needs

    • Carpet Steam Cleaning
    • Carpet Dry Cleaning
    • Carpet Stain Removal
    • Carpet Mold Removal
    • Carpet Water Damage Restoration
    • Carpet fire and smoke restoration
    • Standard carpet protection
    • Carpet shampooing
    • Carpet Hot Water Extraction
    • Carpet sewage restoration
    • Carpet Flea Treatment
    • Same-Day Carpet Cleaning
    • Emergency Carpet Cleaning
    • Carpet deodorizing services
    • Commercial Carpet Cleaning
    • Domestic Carpet Cleaning
    • End of Lease Carpet Cleaning

    How Do Our Cleaning Services Work?


    Call us anytime at your convenience and ask everything in your mind about our services. You can also get a free over-the-phone estimate for the service. After that, you can confirm the time and other details, and our carpet steam cleaners will be at your doorsteps.

    Experience Mild-Blowing Carpet Cleaning

    Our technicians will reach your place on time and help remove the furniture, make arrangements for hassle-free treatment, and discuss it all with you beforehand.


    Once you hire us for carpet cleaning in Mindarie, you will not have to worry about anything else. Just wait for your sprakline carpets! Isn’t it easy?

    What To Expect From Us?

    On-Time Services

    Punctuation shows a person’s character and the same goes for any business and company. We are a punctuate, reliable, and responsible team of cleaners who care for your carpets more than you do. We will arrive at the scheduled time and start inspecting the carpet immediately after having a word with you.

    100% Safety

    Our green solutions and chemical-free cleaning offer 100% safety and reliability. We understand your concerns and use cleaners that will not harm you or your carpet. With us, you don’t have to worry about discoloration or similar damage. Instead, we use a natural brighter that brightens your carpet’s shine.

    Flexible Scheduling

    You don’t have to skip your office or reschedule your meeting because of us. We work all days of the year even on holidays. So, if it works for you, you can hire us on a weekend or a public holiday. We are always ready with the cleaning gear to serve our clients.

    Friendly Yet Professional Cleaners

    Our carpet cleaner’s behavior represents our core values. We are helpful, easy-going, and understanding staff. Yet, we will explain every detail of the process and help you with prevention tips and protection for your carpet. So, don’t worry about the staff. By hiring us, you are not letting strangers in your home. Instead, you will be welcoming some of the top carpet cleaners in the town.

    A Spotless and Shiny Carpet

    With our deep cleaning techniques, we aim to make your carpet shine like a new one. That’s why we use natural brighteners and steam cleaning techniques for thorough cleaning. You can extend the life of your flooring by regularly hiring us. Our services are affordable and cost-effective in the long run. So, look for carpet cleaning near me on the net and find us! You are just a call away from a shiny, clean and hygienic carpet! Hurry up.

    Why Us?

    • Certified and Licensed Carpet Cleaners in Perth
    • Reliable Carpet Cleaning Services
    • 24/7 Availability
    • Best Carpet Steam Cleaners Nationwide
    • Most Affordable Carpet Cleaning in Mindarie
    • On-Time Services
    • Easy Booking
    • Award-Wining Professional Carpet Cleaning Techniques
    • Hassle-Free Procedure
    • Same-Day and Emergency Carpet Cleaning
    • Residential, Commercial, and End-of-Lease Carpet Cleaning
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    7eleven carpet cleaning

    Our carpet cleaning in Mindarie


    A fully equipped carpet cleaner will come to your address

    When the time for your carpet cleaning service, we will send a fully equipped technician to your address. Please make sure to meet them and grant them access to the areas within your property where the carpets are.

    The carpet cleaner will examine and pretreat your carpets

    Your expert carpet cleaner will get to work right away. They will carefully examine your floor coverings to determine their fabrics. Any visible stains will be pH tested and then pretreated with special eco-friendly targeting detergents.

    Time to whip out some professional equipment

    Your carpets will be deep-cleaned with an industry-grade deep-cleaning machine that is much more effective than steam cleaning. Hot Water Extraction is widely regarded as the most effective deep cleaning method when it comes to carpeting. Any delicate items made out of entirely natural fibres can be dry-cleaned.

    Our Hot Water Extraction Method At Work

    After pretreatment, the technician will grab the cleaning wand of the hot water extraction machine and begin to carefully slide it over the top pile of the carpet. The nozzle of the cleaning wand ejects a powerful stream of hot water mixed with eco-friendly cleaning detergent. The high pressure and the cleaning mixture will easily dislodge the trapped dust and other solid particles from the fibres of your carpet. But where does all the moisture go? The nozzle of the cleaning wand has a powerful suction attachment that is constantly retrieving the cleaning solution (along with the dislodged filth, dust and hairs). The machine retakes 95% of the moisture, leaving your carpet almost dry.

    Carpet fabrics suitable for steam cleaning:

    • 100% wool – an expensive fabric that can be easily damaged, it’s very absorbent, too;
    • Nylon – the most popular carpet fibre, resistant to moisture and traffic;
    • Polyester – very durable, but greasy stains can be hard to remove;
    • Acrylic – stain- and sunlight-resistant, not as durable as nylon and polyester;
    • Polypropylene – very popular, easily cleaned and doesn’t shrink.
    Suitable for: synthetic/mixed fibres (polyester, wool, etc.) Approximate drying time: 2 to 8 hours

    Dry Carpet Cleaning

    Some carpets are made of delicate natural fibres. This means that it is risky to clean them with water and high temperature because they might shrink or deform. In those cases, we utilise dry cleaning methods. Low-moisture solvent cleaning – This type of cleaning is used for carpets made of viscose, cotton, velvet, or silk. A special low-moisture detergent is applied all over the top pile of the delicate item. It is left to settle for a few minutes, then it is wiped away with terry cloths. Drying time: within a few minutes. Dry powder cleaning – A special sticky cleaning powder is applied over the pile of the item. Then the technician uses a machine with rotating brushes to work the powder into the pile. This way the unsanitary particles and hairs will stick to the cleaning powder. Then the piece is vacuumed and the powder is removed, taking away all the dust and dirt. Please note: our dry cleaning methods are a wonderful way to refresh your delicate carpets, however, they are not particularly effective at removing stains.

    Mindarie Carpet Cleaning Prices

    One Room $99
    Two Rooms $110
    Three Rooms $125
    Four Rooms $145
    Five Rooms $165
    * One room is 14m2 or less

    Other Prices

    • Stairs are $3.90 each, $6.90 for double width
    • Stain removal from $22 for tea/coffee, up to $60+ for tougher Stains
    • Rugs for $35 for small, up to $100+ for gaint rugs
    • Upholstery is $36 per seat space for modular, $58 for armchair or recliner

    Call Us Now and Save Big On Carpet Cleaning

    Are you still worried about those stains, odors, or black patches on your carpet? Call us now, and we will offer a tailored solution! You will not believe the transformation we can make with your flooring. Plus, your safety is always our priority, and we do everything to protect it. You don’t even have to send your kids to Nana’s house when we are cleaning because our cleaning products are green and 100% safe.

    So, contact us today and don’t hesitate to ask anything related to our services. We will ensure a hassle-free, affordable, and safe carpet cleaning service.

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